I Have Had Great Professional Help

I have been in business for years and have had my share of Credit merchant companies. Since I switched to the people at Appstar I have had great professional help. If I have an issue its usually from something I or my employee’s have done. Just a simple phone call and they get the right person on the phone to walk me thru it. It doesn’t get any better than this. As long as I am in business I will be an Appstar customer.
Keith ( Ammo Unlimited)

AppStar Actually Care, I’m Happier Already

1 the most important of al is: Appstar 1st and foremost actually have a more than few telephone numbers you can call to speak to someone…. 1a, your local sales rep 1b, your sales agents manager 1c, general customer service & 1d, tech support.

2: not just because she was a close friend nor because she her job I read between the lines, I had heard of Appstar & seen it on Google play before… but between (Mrs. Heather Wingard is my local rep for Pensacole, Fl & surrounding areas,) (her sales manager/underwriter Alberto “Albert” Villarino in San Francisco CA, great guy & very easy to talk to, knows his stuff very well.)
To my knowledge Safrancisco is just one of Appstar’s main bases of operation in the USA, naturally Appstar is enevitably growing globally, number 2a; if I ever have 2 people to call about appstar they are my first people of choice because of the business relationships we’re building together now that’s more of a first name basis friendship, for now both of them… yes they will be the two people i contact dirrctly for certain. They are both very knowledgeable in this credit card service/server industustry.

3: I have been an avid user of Square for over 6 years and had a few problems with them over that time but with all there constant upgrades via Google play not once has there ever been a telephone number to call Square directly on only ever an automated system via emal? Sometimes that could take a 24HR period “usually does” and sometimes it can take up to 7 days for a responce from Square (it has done that also) what baffles me is with all the interest money they’ve made off of my taxi company in the past & me being very tech savvy/very computer literate that’s why I comtacted you tech geeks in the first place at square because it was something I could not control by myself through the app or online & a big huge Urrrh hello what’s tech support for anyways square… here’s a hint “direct fix so you can be up & running in a flash… a bad case of duh? it really kinda sickens me that i trained so many people “almost 200 people” on how to use Square, set up square on there phones & link Square to there banks straight away & to me that’s 100% customer service minded that is 100% not professional at all because that’s the only way to contact them, it sucks major, & even then they give you a bunch of BS excuses of why it’s your problem not theres?

4: 2nd most important; during my set up process with Appstar I ran into 3 topics of oversights on my part/ my fault not Appstars at all in the primary set up features that we’re because of complete missunderstandings noones direct fault again at Appstar just mine. However once i called Albert Directly he patched me through to Appstar’s 100% Excellent sales,tech support, & customer service depts all of which were 100% + professional & 100% curtious & knowledgeable in there fields and It was all done within 10-15 minutes (yes all reading; I had to deal with all 3 topics because they were of a minor but yet of valid separate but of course all individually separate issues.. I can assure you I spoke to 4 different people including Albert (Only because there’s always someone learning something that’s a given) & i got past very curtiously to the next person just the once, everybody has to put you through to someone that can answer your questions much better for you, we’ve all experienced this everywhere I’m sure but not always with curtiousy like i was, all in in all it was very pleasurable experience and i had every reason to be even more very understanding on the matter because of how I was being verbally & professional treated by the entire crew at Appstar..

5: 3rd most important, & maybe the most important of all (this depends on your initial setup desires & your requirements but if you do as much business via credit card as I have in the past IT WILL MOST DEFINITELY SAVE YOU MONEY EVERY MONTH, TRANSLATING INTO TIMES 12 PER YEAR YOU JUST SAVED A BUNCH OF MONEY PEOPLE. APPSTAR IS THE WAY TO GO TO, DO JUST THAT, THERE INTEREST RATES ARE LOWER, & IF YOUR ON A MONTHLY PLAN YOUR ALREADY AHEAD OF THE GAME.


MY Thanks!!!

Thank You Appstar And The Underwriting Team

I really don’t understand anybody that would put a negative review about a company that has had my family’s business for years. They go above and beyond to make sure if something new comes out we get it. the most attractive thing about the company is the family atmosphere. all my contacts are very friendly and I know when someone hates there job. It sounds like people over there love working for that company and that is what I look for. if the employees love there job then something great is happening over there and I want to be part of something great!

I just don’t get it, I read people complain about how they got charged for breaking a lease agreement and the funny thing is, they don’t realize that the leasing company is not even Appstar it’s Merimac Capital, so for someone to write negative stuff about a company that is not even responsible, that is horrible and I hope others see how irresponsible that is.

2 Eatery’s a Salon and my Barber Shop, My family wants to Thank you Appstar and the underwriting team you all are Rock Stars thank you for getting me in that Association program..This is from me to you guys

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Service. Great Company

Great service. Great company. Any little problem I’ve had in the past 2 years or so, has been resolved right away! Honestly, my problems were little to none!  They have saved me a nice peace of change on fees. I am very pleased and highly recommend their service!

Had A Great Experience With Their Customer Service

I have been with AppStar for 4 months and have had a great experience with their customer service department. Service has been very reliable so I’ve had little reason to contact customer service but when I did, they responded quickly and even fixed issues I didn’t know I had. Robert was especially helpful in going above and beyond to streamline the issue so I wasn’t dealing with multiple people. I appreciate the attention to detail and follow through with all involved.

They are The Best

Jesse does a really good job helping and explaning there process. We have had them for many many years and they are the best rate out there with no issues at all.

We are Very Well Please With App Star

Our company has been with App Star Financial for 5 year plus. We had been satisfied will the service. App Star has help our company met the 2017 equipment up grade for the chip reading. We are very well please with App Star. It is also very nice to speak with App Star’s team members year after year not call and speaking with some different every time you call.

Thank you App Star keep up the good work.