Outside Sales Consultants FAQ’s

Do I need prior sales experience?
Yes, you do. We find that the most successful consultants are those with solid outside sales experience and proven closing abilities. AppStar Financial invests a great deal of time and money training each Independent Client Consultant on how to succeed before they ever appear on their first appointment. Therefore, we constantly look for candidates that are honest, motivated and have a high probability of success. In fact, since we are selective and only hire a few of the best candidates from each metropolitan area, we grant those few candidates a larger territory filled with much better leads than the competition. If you are at the top of your industry in both advancement and income opportunities, and have the desire to move beyond your current levels, please contact us at (866) 712-3547 or click here to discuss your future.
Do I need prior bankcard industry experience?
No, you do not. We accept candidates from outside this industry that have business to business outside sales experience. We believe that any candidate that brings an enthusiastic perspective to our organization enhances our potential for success.
Does AppStar provide any sales training?
Yes, we do. Each consultant will complete our comprensive training program. Our program is designed to provide all the necessary information for a consultant to be successful with AppStar Financial. We believe that ongoing training and support helps to maintain the level of professionalism our clients expect from our organization. Furthermore, each and every consultant is designated to a Regional Sales Manager to provide him or her with ongoing training and support to ensure that the consultant achieves both immediate and long term success.
How do I attend a training session?
For details on how to attend the next training session, please contact AppStar Financial’s recruiting department at (866) 712-3547.
Does AppStar help me find prospects?
Yes, we do. AppStar Financial works to provide 2-4 pre-qualified, pre-set appointments per day to each outside sales consultant within their home area. As your client base grows, you will discover that your need for leads will decrease, because your referrals and networking will increase significantly, thus supplying you with additional appointment possibilities every day. You are an active participant in your own success. Your income is limited only by your abilities.
How does AppStar pay commission?
AppStar pays you the day after installation of a merchant location via check or bank ACH. As an outside sales consultant for AppStar Financial, you are an independent contractor and have the advantages that come with being your own boss and owning your own business. You are in complete control of your financial future. You work the hours you want and reap the benefits that all business owners acquire. We provide you your earnings information (FORM 1099) at the end of each year, and we suggest you meet with your accountant who can advise you of the deductions and tax advantages available to businesses.
What are all of the ways I can make money on a deal?
The benefit of being an outside sales consultant for AppStar Financial is that there are multiple income streams including commissions for leasing equipment, new equipment, reprogramming existing equipment, and you keep 100% of any set up fees collected. In addition, we have monthly bonuses available that can add up to over $3,000. Our consultants are earning between $80K and $120K in their first year.
What happens if I am having trouble closing a deal?
Our business model requires that you call into your sales manager from every appointment. Your sales manager is a professional closer waiting to help you over the phone and is trained to give you the tools necessary to win the business. Call your sales manager from EVERY appointment.
What is special about sales in the electronic payments processing industry in comparison to business to business sales in other industries?
Payment processing is virtually recession proof. It does not depend on the real estate or stock markets. Businesses will always need and use electronic payment processing to collect payment from customers. AppStar Financial has a virtually unlimited client base. We process for all types of businesses including e-commerce, mail-order, telephone-order as well as mobile businesses.
What is unique about AppStar’s compensation and bonus program?
Because payments processing is a consultative replacement sale where we tailor our solution to a merchant’s specific needs, AppStar Financial’s compensation and bonus plan rewards you for everything you sell.
If I am a hard worker and a proven closer, how do I pursue the outside sales consultant position with AppStar Financial?
If you are interested in expanding your earning potential in a recession proof industry with a company that provides qualified appointments daily, contact AppStar Financial at (866) 712-3547 to step into your future.