Training Information

AppStar Financial provides each of our consultants comprehensive professional training. Our program is designed to provide all the necessary information for a consultant to be successful with AppStar Financial. We believe that specialized training helps to maintain the level of professionalism our clients expect from our organization. Furthermore, each and every Consultant is designated to a Regional Sales Manager to provide him or her with ongoing support to ensure that the Consultant achieves both immediate and long term success. For details on the next training session, please contact AppStar Financial at (866) 712-3547.

Training Class Audio Introduction

or download the training class audio (right click to download)


What documents do I need to send back to my recruiter during the recruiting process?
You need to send back three things to your recruiter:

  1. Answer sheet to the short quiz in the Step #1 Pre-Training Manual
  2. Territory Selection Sheet located in the Step #1 Pre-Training Manual
  3. Answers to Step #2 Pre-Training Recorded Call.
What documents do I need to send to AppStar Financial prior to running my appointments?
You need to send the following things to your recruiter prior to running your appointments for AppStar Financial:

  1. Client Consultant Agreement (initial and sign where needed)
  2. FAPS Sales Rep Registration Form
  3. Authorization for Direct Deposit Form
  4. Check via US Mail Form (attach original voided check)
  5. W-9 Form
  6. Commission Grid and Attachment A (initial)
  7. Copy of your valid Drivers License
When do I start running appointments?
You are scheduled to begin running appointments the day after you have completed our comprehensive training and met with your Regional Sales Manager. If you are unable to start on this day, please notify your recruiter.


“Thank you to everyone at AppStar Financial for being so encouraging. I would love to give credit to my sales manager, John. He has been my mentor and he genuinely cares about my growth and success. I have found the pre-closing technique the foundation step to get merchants to like and trust me. It contributes to each close that I have experienced. The teamwork with my sales manager has helped me close each deal. I hope to grow with AppStar Financial and close many more deals. “ – Christine F., Victorville

“With my extensive background my biggest challenge was putting my own ego aside and allowing Anika, my manager, to be the expert in this field. Combining her expertise, AppStar’s PROVEN plan, and then adding my sales know-how, we have become a great team and I am well on my way to creating an exciting new career. I keep an open mind when running appointments that have been scheduled for me, knowing that it is just a foot in the door and it is up to me to turn that opportunity into a deal. I make it a game and it works. It helps that I am also being greatly rewarded for hard work!

Thank you so much for your quick response in getting me on board you have been fantastic.” – Cindy, K., Fallbrook

“First and foremost, I appreciate the encouragement and the positive affirmations, as it does wonders for a salesperson to be recognized for hard work. Secondly, if it were not for your phenomenal support and guidance on a daily basis, none of this would be possible. I have never sold a product or a service that I did not believe in 100%. At AppStar, I am able to help all my clients in some way, past, present, and future.” – Henri Y., Turlock

“I will say the way the business model is set up for the consultants is very impressive. I have had great opportunities with other successful companies but have not had the constant communication with the management staff like I have here. That has been the most helpful for me during a sale and it doesn’t matter which manager you communicate with they all seem to be very professional.” – Timothy D., Richmond

“Relax on those first few appointments. Use your Sales Manager for back-up on the technical issues. You will get more confident with each passing appointment and you will remember more and more information as you use it. “- John T., San Juan Capistrano