Full Feature Point of Sale System

AppStar is proud to offer our merchants a point of sale application that is as robust as the
most sophisticated POS systems out there. It runs on an iPad and gives business owners all the data and control that they need in order to run their business efficiently. The Point of Sale System is feature rich and VERY easy to use. The businesses who buy this product will be up and running in a couple of hours and will have the ability to completely customize the system to fit their exact needs – tracking all sales, inventory, and employees, and understanding more about their customers.

Merchants will know what they sold, who they sold it to, how much inventory they have on hand and where they are making their money. With all that data, even small merchants can easily and affordably plan what to buy, where to advertise and how to staff their store. The only way to stay competitive is for a merchant to have access to their data and with AppStar they can make better business decisions.

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Retail Solution
Restaurant and Bar Solution

Watch to learn more about the POS System we offer:

iPad Point of Sale System 
iPad Point of Sale Overview 
More than Just an iPad Point of Sale System 
Point of Sale Solution for Restaurants and Bars