Working Capital Cash Advance

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Sell us a predetermined amount of your future credit card sales at a discount and we will deposit working capital directly into your business’ checking account. Receive up to $150,000 per location in as few as three business days. This financial solution can help you get back to business with funding that matches your cashflow needs.

Small business owners always need working capital. It is the lifeblood of a successful business. However, many small business owners might struggle with a traditional method of financing like a bank loan due to a number of factors. They might have a less than perfect credit history. They may not have access to the personal collateral necessary for securing a loan. They might need money quickly, and can’t wait to complete the loan process. They may not have been in business long enough to qualify for what they need. A working capital loan available through AppStar Financial can help many of these businesses get the working capital they need.


Our working capital cash advance program is designed to help your small business, not make you struggle every time business slows down a little. Our unique approach lets your credit and debit sales volume determine what you are paying. The amount you forward to us is a fixed percentage of daily credit sales, not a rigidly fixed monthly amount. So if business slows down a little, you would forward less. And if things get really busy, the percentage is still the same, so you’d be sending us a little more and complete your obligation earlier. We let your sales volume determine your payments in a very cash-flow friendly manner. We only get paid when you get paid.

Not a Small Business Loan

A small business loan demands a lot from each applicant. The applicant must have a strong personal credit history and a relatively high FICO score. They will need to use some form of personal collateral like their home, real estate or something of similar value to secure the interests of the lender. In many cases, the applicant will have to come up with a significant percentage of the loan as a cash down payment. This is all fine for the lender, but most small business owners find it difficult to meet all these requirements.

Application Process

Our working capital cash advance works quickly. The application process is easy, and requires much less detail than a loan application. Instead of months needed to receive the money, a merchant cash advance can be arranged in a matter of days. We know that small business owners can’t stop what they are doing, and start looking for a source of working capital. They want to get what they need and get back to business. Our working capital program makes this possible, giving you the power to stay in control of your business.

Working Capital Cash Advance Product Features