Shawn Coady
Chief Technology Officer

Since 2003, Shawn has been the architect, developer, and coordinator for the company's hardware, software, and telecommunications systems and during his tenure has developed custom CRM/ERP solutions and third-party integrations for Appstar as well as corporate affiliates Apex Merchant group and Mulligan Funding. Prior to joining Appstar, he worked for Global Payment Systems, formerly National Data Corporation (“NDC”) as a product manager of the organization’s front-end processing switch and terminal software.  He also worked for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (“CIBC”) in their US banking initiative Amicus Bank and National Bankcard Association holding the positions of Manager of Merchant Services, Vice President of Operations, and Vice President of Information Systems.  In all, Shawn has over 31 years of experience in financial, operational, and technical positions in the transaction processing industry as well as 10 years of related experience in audit, finance, and information systems in the hotel and hospitality industry.